Fort Crook Cabin
Photo courtesy of Val Atkinson.

Board of Directors

James Family Showcase
Photo Courtesy of Val Atkinson
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President - Tim Glaze

Tim was the postmaster in one of the valley’s small communities.  His congeniality and excellent customer service skills make him a natural public relations representative for the museum.  In executing his professional duties, Tim investigates and solves problems; providing valuable skills to the board as it develops plans, identifies solutions and executes its goals.

Mt. Eddy, a local mountain, is named for Tim’s wife’s family.  This family-topographical bond enforces the couple’s dedication to keeping history alive for visitors and local residents.  Tim enjoys helping people learn about their forefathers’ work and sacrifices that contributed to the area’s current level of prosperity.

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Vice President - Peggie Bidwell

Peggie Bidwell

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Secretary - Peggi Hubbard

Peggi Hubbard

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Treasurer - Carrie Jurrens

Carrie was born in North Bend, Oregon, and grew up in the Ukiah, CA area. She came to the Intermountain area in 2003. She loves education, and has received dual A.S. Degrees with honors in Accounting, Computers, and a B.S. Degree in I.T. She is presently working towards a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Carrie has Cherokee in her lineage, and her fifth Great Uncle was Francis Scott Key. Besides education, Carrie enjoys beading and loves to make “Dream Catchers”, and other such intricate items.

She worked for the Anderson Valley Brewing Co. as a bookkeeper and office manager for six years, she drove taxi in the Truckee area for three years, and now works for the USPS. Her education and experience is a valuable asset to her duties as the FCHS Treasurer.

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Director - John Will

John served in the United States Air Force, SAC, as a KC-135 Mechanic/Crew Chief, has large aircraft operations and de-icing experience, self employed fabricator and holds a current FAA dispatchers license. John lives in the Intermountain Area and is an active vounteer fireman as well as being president of the Rolling Box Car project. has acquired a Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar aircraft in Battle Mountain, Nevada. They removed the wings, tails, engines, and landing gear and have relocated it to the rebuild site in McArthur, California. They will soon mount the fuselage onto an International AmTran school bus chassis with a diesel engine and auto transmission. Once mobile it will be driven to venues like schools, air shows, air races, fairs, VFWs, AMVETS, American Legions, VA hospitals and Veterans Day Parades as a traveling coffee bar, sound stage, museum and mobile classroom complete with instructor and video interpretation. John has been volunteering for FCHS projects for some time and will bring to the board many talents.

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Director - Steve Martinez

Steve Martinez


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Director - Arleen Earnest

Arleen, a cattle rancher’s daughter, grew up in Etna, California. She attended Chico State where she met Jim and became a rancher’s wife in the Fall River Valley in 1970. Arleen is a retired high school teacher, and she is happy to serve on the board. She enjoys the camaraderie of the board members and volunteers who work to preserve local history and artifacts, sponsor events, and maintain a wonderful museum. She appreciates the local people who generously donate their family treasurers for everyone to enjoy.

Arleen and her children and grandchildren raise a few cows on the ranch. She likes calving season and branding, but she is not a fan of cracking ice in water troughs in the winter. Arleen likes to read, garden, substitute teach, and sew. She loves family and school reunions, picnics, and sightseeing adventures.


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Director - Betty Stoltenberg

Betty Soltenberg

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Director - Randall Harr

Randall Harr

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Curator - Veronica Sloan

I have lived in the Fall River Valley with my husband since 2005. I originally grew up in the bay area, but my husband and his family have lived here all their lives.

My hobbies include hanging out with our cats, playing video games, and reading…pretty much everything. During the warmer months, we like to garden and be outdoors.

I wanted to work here so I could learn and get to know more about this area and culture. In the past, I have worked for Mayer’s Memorial, Burney Falls, and for the McArthur Post Office as a contract driver. I learned a lot not just about the job, but about life in general working at these places and I feel that they have prepared me well for working at the Fort Crook Museum. I consider it a privilege and honor to be here and though I am not perfect and will inevitably make mistakes, I will do the best job I can.

I want to be as open and transparent as I can, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.